Grant eligibility

Our guidelines

The trustees have decided to give annual support to a number of charities and proactively seek out certain projects.

This restricts the funds available for general applications and as such the Trust is closed to unsolicited applications. Therefore we are keen that applicants do not waste their valuable time and our limited resources by submitting applications unless specifically asked to do so.


Working horse

Our grant-making aims

The Trust’s objective is to make grants to support projects within the four categories listed below, and to continue funding, where appropriate, many of the organisations where long term relationships have been established.

Who receives our grants?

The Trust mainly gives to UK registered charities and other official charitable organisations.

Charitable categories

The allocation between these categories varies from year to year.

Woman in laboratory
Medicine and Health

Grants awarded in 2022/23


Wheelchair user and carer in a field of people
Social Welfare

Grants awarded in 2022/23


Group of girls dancing
Education and The Arts

Grants awarded in 2022/23


Bee on a flower
The Environment and Wildlife

Grants awarded in 2022/23